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Avengers: Infinity War fan Halloween display pays hilarious homage to the snap

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Oct 28, 2018, 1:27 PM EDT

Thanos' finger snap at the end of Avengers: Infinity War sucked for pretty much everybody but the Mad Titan himself — and perhaps most of all for Peter Parker and Tony Stark. Stranded with a busted alien spacecraft on Thanos’ home planet and already left for dead, Stark has to watch as his superhero friends vaporize all around him one by one — including Spidey, who turns to ash right in Tony’s arms. 

Just in time for Halloween, one MCU fan has used a little low-fi elbow grease, along with a ton of creative thinking, to commemorate what may be the movie’s most poignant moment. With nothing more than some pumpkins, a handful of leaves, and a couple of Marvel bits you can buy at the nearest big-box store, they've captured the tear-jerking moment of Peter’s sad goodbye, and the result — we have to admit — is way funnier than it probably should be.

It looks like Peter’s not feeling so good here:

Ah, the fleeting nature of life. Looking at things from a glass half-full perspective, though, we have to believe that Thanos would admire the fan ingenuity that went into recreating his finger-snapping handiwork. After all, Thanos is the universe’s ultimate DIY kind of guy, taking it upon himself to singlehandedly do what he thinks no one else will — and this is definitely one of the coolest Halloween DIYs out there.

If you’re getting “too soon” vibes from poking fun at Spider-Man’s demise only six months after the terrible event, you can at least take comfort in the belief that the good guys who still remain will figure out a way to reverse all this world-splitting sadness when Avengers 4 hits theaters next May. 

Until then, this unidentified yard artist can bask in the retweeting glory of his or her handiwork — while perhaps plotting another Avengers-honoring display for next Halloween.