Thor, Rocket, Groot — Avengers: Infinity War
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Avengers: Infinity War is now the fifth-highest grossing film of all time, behind the likes of Avatar and The Force Awakens

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Jul 19, 2019, 5:01 PM EDT (Updated)

Just like that, Marvel Studios snapped its fingers and in a little over two weeks, Avengers: Infinity War has now made enough money at the global box office to make it the fifth-highest grossing movie of all time.

According to industry reports, with $1.606 billion in ticket sales thus far, the 19th installment from Marvel Studios is now behind Avatar ($2.788 billion), Titanic ($2.187 billion), Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($2.068 billion), and Jurassic World ($1.671 billion) in terms of worldwide ticket sales.

Infinity War just opened in its final market of China, so the film will remain in theaters around the globe for the foreseeable future, meaning that it will probably overtake Jurassic World soon for the fourth spot and could even challenge Star Wars. Who knows, maybe James Cameron won't have the top two spots when the Russo Brothers are finished with Infinity War's theatrical run. Even so, it's pretty cool that four out of the five top cinematic grossers are genre fare. 

The third Avengers movie is also the highest-grossing superhero movie of all time internationally, having topped the first Avengers, which set us on the road to Thanos. Domestically, Black Panther still holds the comic book adaptation record with $696 million, compared to Infinity War's $547 million. It only took three weeks for Marvel Studios to make the latter sum, so Wakanda could soon be playing second fiddle to the epic crossover of Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Thor, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and more. 

This past weekend, the Infinity Stones fetched a pretty penny in the U.S. with $61.8 million and $281.3 million from 55 international markets. Infinity War also overtook Star Wars: The Last Jedi to become the second-fastest film to reach $500 million domestically. The top spot is still held by The Force Awakens