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Avengers: Infinity War just broke the Fandango superhero sales record

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Nov 11, 2019, 1:51 PM EST (Updated)

It seems like a great many people can't wait for the Avengers to reassemble— so many, in fact, that Fandango records are being broken. 

Advance tickets became available for Avengers: Infinity War this morning, right alongside the latest trailer. In the midst of the excitement at seeing Tony Stark and Peter Quill trying to out-snark each other, fans bought so many advance tickets that Fandango is reporting that the film has broken the record for "best-selling superhero movie in the first 24 hours of presales." It didn't even need 24 hours to do it, either— it did it in only six. 

It surpassed the previous two record holders, which were Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the MCU's most recent entry, Black Panther— which briefly held the #1 spot.  As this latest Avengers team-up looks about as big as any superhero movie could possibly be, who knows what film (if any) will overtake this new record.

Fandango also revealed the results of a poll they took this morning, which included 1,000 ticket-buying fans. Of the people polled, 97% said that they "can't wait to see how dozens of heroes work together in the same film," while 94% said that they "are excited to see different franchise characters (such as the Guardians and the Avengers) meeting one another for the first time." It has to be said, we're pretty excited about both of those things as well. 

Additional polling showed that 92% see this film as "the culmination of all of the MCU films before it," and 87% have seen every one of those previous films. Black Panther got in on the polling action, with 71% of fans saying they saw the film in cinemas and 60% saying that T'Challa's solo adventure made them even more excited for Infinity War.

As excited as we already were for the new Avengers film, we have to agree that Black Panther sent that excitement to a whole new level. Not only will Chadwick Boseman's T'Challa appear in the film, but Danai Gurira's Okoye, WInston Duke's M'Baku, and Letitia Wright's breakout character Shuri will also appear. Wakanda itself is seen all over the trailers as well, as is Bucky Barnes, aka the Winter Soldier. He was seen recovering in Wakanda in Black Panther's post-credits scene

With pretty much every major MCU character coming together (except for Sam Rockwell's Justin Hammer, shame), this film was bound to be a gargantuan hit— but this is the first real taste we're getting of how big a hit it could potentially be. The MCU has a proven track record, but all of it pulled together in one film? Even Thanos himself won't be able to stop that. 

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