The Avengers' Scarlett Johansson promises 'dark,' 'cerebral' Age of Ultron

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Jun 25, 2015, 3:30 PM EDT (Updated)

We still have a year and a half until we get to see what Joss Whedon is cooking up in Avengers: Age of Ultron, but Scarlett Johansson has read the script — and she’s been kind enough to tell us all about it.

The acclaimed actress opened up in a wide-ranging interview with Parade Magazine, and teased that Whedon (not surprisingly) has a very precise vision for what he wants to do for the big-budget Marvel sequel.

Basically? It’s hella-witty, which is a pretty obvious trademark when it comes to Whedon, but Johansson promises things are also going to get “darker” as the disparate members of the team move to the next stage in their lives. Yeah, if we weren’t already looking forward to this flick, we’re bouncing off the walls now.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

“Well, we can expect the Avengers. Joss [Whedon], again, is back, wrote the script, and is directing. I think the script is dark and it’s dry, it’s got this amazing one-liner, glass-cutting sense of humor. Obviously the script is very cerebral. It doesn’t lose that exciting comic book aspect that people enjoyed in the first film, but it’s smart and it feels like the next installment.

It doesn’t feel like a rehashing, it feels like these characters are moving forward, plot lines are moving forward. It’s deep and I think that’s why people really respond to the Marvel universe, because the films are fun and exciting and have all that flashy stuff, but there’s a gravity to them. People can expect that gravity this time around.”

The sequel is scheduled to open May 1, 2015, and will put a new twist on major Marvel robo-baddie Ultron. Do you think it can be any better than the first film?


(Via Parade Magazine)

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