Avengers Tower, new costumes, and our Ant-Man villain revealed in the latest Marvel update

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Jun 20, 2014, 10:21 AM EDT (Updated)

Age of Ultron's filming is well under way, and Ant-Man's got a new director, so that means a lot of interesting bits and bobs have been revealed. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Over in Avengers land, the sequel is shaping up nicely, begininng with a new Avengers Tower and Quinjet. Apparently the Tower is the largest set ever for a Marvel movie and will feature a landing platform and garage for the Quinjet. That area will, apparently, be a large, open space with lots of windows, screens, and "techno stuff," according to Kevin Feige. There will also be a "really chic" lab in the center where Tony and Bruce work together like the science bros they are.

The Quinjet itself will be sleeker and have both more weapons and, just for fun, more seats for the Avengers to comfortably sit in.

On the costume end of things, there's been updates on Black Widow and the Hulk. Natasha's new costume will apparently be more of a "TRON-style" and will include blue lights and electricity. Yes, that will serve a functional purpose in the form of a "widow's sting," which will be electric shocks that enemies will receive when Natasha hits them. The intention here was to give Widow more of a "superhero" feel so she can keep up a little better with her more superhuman teammates.

Meanwhile, it looks like there's been more confirmation on the Hulk getting "extendable" pants so poor Bruce doesn't keep ripping through all his trousers. Yes, they will probably be purple, but they will also apparently feature an Avengers "A" logo. In fact, that logo looks like it will appear on every Avenger's costume in Age of Ultron.

Tony will wear both a Mark 43 and Mark 44 Iron Man suit in the new film. The former will be less gold than the suit from Iron Man 3 but will retain the circular ARC reactor as opposed to the triangular one we saw in the previous Avengers film. The Mark 44 will be a Hulkbuster suit.

Ultron will have an army of drones that are basically mini versions of himself.

Paul Bettany's Vision will actually be him, but metallic-looking with hints of gold, red and green. He'll also have a yellow cape.

There are a host of updates on Ant-Man as well.

Unsurprisingly, since Scott Lang is the Ant-Man we're dealing with, Paul Rudd's version of the character will be a thief who's down on his luck. That's when he sneaks into the apartment of Hank Pym only to discover (and subsequently steal) the Ant-Man suit.

Ant Man will be going toe to toe with Darren Cross. In the comics Cross owns Cross Technological Enterprises, a company as big as Stark Industries and Oscorp. Lang will also face off against Cross's cousin, a villain named Crossfire who will have a suit very similar to Ant-Man's but with more of a mililtary feel.

And speaking of the Ant-Man suit, apparently it's much more elaborate than what we've seen. It'll feature a mask that can open and close, much like Iron Man's, but it will also have red lights, TRON-esque, much like Black Widow's new suit.

Last, but certainly not least, Lang's main allies will, in fact, be ants. Yes, like the actual insects. Ant-Man will be able to communicate with them through his helmet. While that does happens in the comics, we're a little surprised that element will actually make it into the film.

And that's your massive update. Thoughts?

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