Disney XD's animated Avengers series getting its own Civil War

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May 3, 2017, 11:58 AM EDT (Updated)

It seems like every Marvel property is getting in on Civil War, and now the epic superhero clash is coming to the small screen. 

The Disney XD animated series Avengers: Ultron Revolution will feature a four-part Civil War event this season, drawing inspiration from both Civil War and Civil War II.

The best part? They have the full gamut of Marvel characters thanks to the cartoon element, so even Captain Marvel can get in on the fun (and war!).

The story kicks off when an Inhuman accidentally destroys a small town, after which the U.S. government steps in to pass the Registration Act. It ends up with two Avengers teams facing off, all while Ultron looks to make his final move during the chaos.

If you haven't been following along, Marvel's animated line-up is actually a compelling little corner of the superhero universe, featuring everyone from Kamala Khan to Miles Morales kicking around (and kicking butt). 

The entire Avengers: Ultron Revolution Civil War event airs Saturday, January 28, on Disney XD.

(Via io9)