Avengers concept art reveals a truly menacing Thanos

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Dec 17, 2012

With The Avengers finally out on DVD, fans have been digging deep into all those Blu-ray special features and accompanying promos looking for goodies. The coolest find? Concept art of Thanos, showing one freaky Mad Titan. Avengers spoilers ahead!

As the entire world knows by now, cosmic baddie Thanos was the big mid-credit reveal in The Avengers, setting him up as a villain-to-come in future sequels and spinoffs.

He's significant for a lot of reasons, most notably the fact that he represents a true escalation of the stakes in future Marvel films.

It's obvious Marvel went to a lot of effort to make him believable on the big screen, despite that fact that we only got a glimpse at him in a brief moment of screen time.

To get a peek at exactly what we can look forward to in future Marvel films, here are two shots of Marvel's concept art for Thanos, giving us our best view yet of the Mad Titan (click for larger):

What do you think? Is he badass enough to take on the Avengers sometime soon?