Avengers did so well Marvel just upped Iron Man 3's budget A LOT

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Dec 17, 2012

The Marvel superhero films have all done pretty well, but with The Avengers breaking box office records left and right, the studio is doubling down on Earth's Mightiest Heroes—beginning with Iron Man 3.

Latino-Review reports that the budget for Tony Stark's (Robert Downey Jr.) latest adventure has taken a mighty big bump, jumping from $140 million to a reported $200 million. Be it in action set pieces or special effects, $60 million can go a long way toward making a good-looking movie a great one.

After The Avengers proved that a big enough superhero spectacle would put butts in the seats, it seems they've decided to up the ante across the board, hoping to cash in on the momentum and make Iron Man 3 the biggest one yet.

Much of the story for Iron Man 3 is still under wraps, but the current buzz is that it will likely feature the Mandarin, with a storyline based around the Extremis nanotechnology. An extra $60 million in effects could go a long way toward selling it.

Sound off: Are you glad to see Marvel pumping more resources into the standalone Avengers films?

(Via Latino-Review)

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