Avengers shatters box office records worldwide. Is the US next?

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Dec 17, 2012

Last week we got a hint of The Avengers' might when we saw its colossal pre-sale numbers at U.S. ticket outlets. Now the film is open in 39 territories worldwide, and it's crushing records everywhere. The only question is: Will it do the same here?

Studios have experimented quite a bit lately with this kind of international "early release," which both builds buzz for those of us waiting to see the flick over here and gets the overseas grosses up fast. This kind of thing won't work with just any film, but action-heavy visual feasts like The Avengers prove that no matter where you are on the globe, you probably like to watch stuff blow up.

So how much has the film brought in already? At the end of the weekend The Avengers reported a box office gross of $178.4 million. In the records department, it took the title of highest opening weekend ever in Mexico, Brazil, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Philippines. In the U.K. the flick earned $24.7 million and the title of biggest superhero opening ever, and in Australia it pulled in $19.7 million and the title of second-highest opening of all time in that country. And as staggering as these numbers are, the film still hasn't opened in its two biggest international markets: Russia and China.

This is all just more confirmation that The Avengers will be one of the biggest movies ever, but now we're left to wonder where things will stand when the dust settles next Monday. Earth's Mightiest Heroes are projected to bring in $150 million in their first weekend out at American theaters. But could we be on the way to something even bigger? Could this be the biggest box office opening of all time, on its way to being the highest-grossing film ever? At this point, it certainly seems possible.

(Via Collider)