Avengers toy spoils major plot point we've been debating all year

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Marc Bernardin
Dec 17, 2012

Marvel has been understandably coy about precisely what happens in The Avengers—it wouldn't do to let too much information about its climactic blockbuster out into the world before May 4. But it seems like the merchandising department didn't get that memo, as one of the tie-in toys reveals a whopper of a spoiler.

Read no further if you'd like to have a virgin mind for Joss Whedon's superheroic smackdown ...

But it seems like, according to a few images snagged by of Heroclix's upcoming Avengers tie-in toys, the shapeshifting Skrull will play a role.

Here's the picture of the Skrull Infiltrator figure that looks like it seals the deal:

Now, could Marvel have okayed an Avengers toy based on a character not in the movie, but still in the Marvel universe? Sure. This might not be a tip-off to anything.

But still.

(via The Daily What)

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