Avengers won't hog Tony Stark's spotlight in Iron Man 3

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Dec 15, 2012, 11:18 AM EST

If the trailer is any indication, The Avengers is basically set up to be The Tony Stark Show with a few Special Guest Stars, but even that might be too much sharing for Iron Man. According to Iron Man 3 director Shane Black, apart from a few references (and maybe a post-credits appearance?), his flick will be all Tony, all the time.

Speaking at Long Beach Comic Con over the weekend, Black fielded a variety of questions about his career, but he answered more than a few about Iron Man 3, which isn't set to arrive until 2013. Among his not-so-surprising revelations was the news that Don Cheadle and Gwyneth Paltrow would be back for another go, and that Robert Downey Jr. would have (most of) the spotlight to himself.

Black told the audience that he requested that director Jon Favreau return as Happy Hogan in the film. "I love him as an actor," said Black as the audience cheered. He also revealed that outside of a few references, Iron Man 3 would not involve the Avengers and would focus squarely on Tony Stark.

"We really want to make it Tony's movie," said Black.

Not surprisingly, Black didn't reveal many details about the film, including who the villain might be. He did, however, dismiss some speculation by revealing who the villain wouldn't be.

"We decided that the villain was going to be the Melter—no, I'm kidding," added Black as the audience laughed. The director continued, "That's the problem, isn't it? Iron Man never really had good villains." When audience members suggested the Mandarin, Black dismissed it as a racist caricature. The director then said he was not going to divulge any detail about who the villain would be, stating that it was more satisfying to see the movie without knowing everything beforehand.

"Do you want to know when you're going to die? No! Just wait, you'll die," joked Black as the audience cracked up once more.

And as for whether his film would prove to be another mild disappointment like Iron Man 2, Black said he knows what was wrong with that flick to begin with.

Black stated that while Iron Man 2 was successful commercially, he believed it was critically ill-received, as the movie made a lot of "half choices" and that Stark was not a "proactive" hero in it.

"The middle of the movie is Tony Stark sitting around his house!" complained Black. Emphasizing high stakes as extremely important to a movie, Black said that in Iron Man 3 he hoped to make bold choices and planned to set up multiple payoffs and reversals. He suddenly quizzed the audience on what a reversal was, and one audience member said it was an event or bit of information that shifted your perception.

We've got two years to wait before we find out whether Black makes good on his promise of "bold choices," but in the meantime we've got The Avengers to keep us distracted.

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