Awesome Dad photoshops EWOKS into 4 family photos to impress kids

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:25 AM EDT (Updated)

Anthony Herrera is a geek dad. So when he took his two children hiking in Sequoia National Park—close to Redwood National and State Parks, where Return of the Jedi was filmed—he told them that this is where Ewoks lived.

His daughter, who spent most of the hike looking for the elusive mini-Wookiees, was disappointed when she couldn't spot one. So Herrera did what any geek dad would do: he inserted them into their family photos.

Herrera wrote on his website,

I had to explain that they are extremely shy and hardly ever let anyone see them. After we got home, and after I had a little time alone with the photos, I told her I thought I saw something strange in a few pictures. We viewed them on the TV to get a larger image. You can imagine how surprised and excited she was when we discovered that we didn't see any Ewoks, but they saw us ...

As Herrera wrote, "This is what happens when your Dad's a graphic designer."

Actually, this is what happens when your Dad's a graphic designer who is awesome.

Check them out.

(via Wired)

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