Awesome fan-edit turns San Andreas into a Christopher Reeve Superman movie

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May 28, 2015

San Andreas, the new disaster flick starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as a rescue pilot trying to save his family in the wake of a devastating California earthquake, hits theaters this Friday, and because the film has a kinda-sorta hypothetical sci-fi tinge, we've been paying attention. The trailers make it look like easily the biggest disaster movie ever made, with entire cities falling to the quake and actors like Paul Giamatti declaring devastation so big the East Coast will feel it, so the epic scope of the flick alone is enough to get some of us interested. Throw in the appeal of a budding megastar like Johnson, and you've got what some fans might call a must-see.

As it happens, 1978's Superman is another film that features quite a bit of California-based destruction, including a plot to literally sink California into the ocean by triggering the San Andreas fault and aftershocks in the wake of a nuclear explosion. Artist and filmmaker Nick Acosta noticed the similarities between Superman and San Andreas and decided to replace Johnson with an even stronger, faster and more indestructible hero: The Man of Steel himself. The result is "Supermandreas," a fan edit of the San Andreas trailer that's actually quite effective.

 Sure, it's not completely seamless, and part of that is just because one film is decades older than the other, but when the right images come together, you really feel like this is a movie you'd actually want to see. Paul Giamatti's foreboding voiceover blends with Lex Luthor's plans for destruction, the two dam-breaking sequences meld together rather well, and then of course there's Superman zipping over 2015 Los Angeles as it crumbles. I don't know about you, but it really made me miss Christopher Reeve.

(Via Nick Acosta)

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