Awesome papercraft Howl's Moving Castle took 9 months to build

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:51 PM EST

Howl's Moving Castle—created by Diana Wynne Jones in her 1986 novel of the same name and later animated for the big screen by Hayao Miyazaki—is a thing of total fantasy, right? But someone decided to turn that fantasy into a reality, and it took him more than nine months to do it!

We're so in awe of this insanely beautiful accomplishment that we're tempted to try building one ourselves, even though we're about as inept as can be when it comes to crafts projects. Reddit user dreamparacite hopes we'll give it a shot, though—and he's even uploaded the 100 MB PDF plans to encourage us.

Check out the images below, which should motivate you, then head on over to imgur for even more.

And if you're thinking of making one yourself—good luck!