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Awesome Stuff We Want: Deadpool's elaborately expensive Game of Thrones statue

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May 10, 2018, 3:20 PM EDT (Updated)

Deadpool's popularity as a wise-cracking anti-hero who kills people may be perplexing if you think about it too hard, but, fortunately, nothing related to Deadpool requires you to do much thinking. The infrequent X-Men member does almost all the heavy lifting in each of the 6,738 comics (roughly) Deadpool's in every month, offering not just quippy dialogue, but asides to readers letting them know he's in on the joke. Still, there's just something about Wade Wilson that keeps us coming back for more. It's undeniable.

With a second solo movie, Deadpool 2, on the way, we thought it prescient to take a look at some of the most elaborate and rare Deadpool items the world has to offer. We did not come away disappointed. There are tons of action figures, bobbleheads, Funko Pops, statues, and prints, but one magnificent, outrageous piece was so rare, so wonderful, and so expensive, we coveted it above all others immediately. That piece was the Deadpool "Game of Fools" statue.

deadpool game of fools statue

Credit: japangoodshunter (eBay)

Now, it's not immediately clear who made this statue or where it came from, but we know we want it. Available originally only in Japan, and thus available through secondary sellers like eBay, as well, this $7,040 piece is just one of 25 in the entire world. Yes, the seller lists Sideshow Collectibles and Kotobukiya as the creators of this elaborate piece of work, but there's no clear proof to back that claim up. Not that it matters who made it when the piece looks as brilliant as this one does. You've got that throne made with a ridiculous amount of guns, no doubt procured from an equally ridiculous amount of dead enemies; there's the little Headpool, complete with helicopter beanie, and Squirrelpool, for reasons I will never understand.

Combine that with the multiple head sculpts for Deadpool, as well as the mixed media aspects in the clothing and that stuffed unicorn, and you've got a piece that encapsulates everything about the character that makes a statue like this almost worth the investment.

If that $7,000 investment in imported Deadpool goods isn't something you're quite ready to commit too (and really, who is?), perhaps this dramatically cheaper, newer, and more heroic Supergirl statue is more your speed.

supergirl bishoujo

Credit: Kotobukiya

This piece, which is actually crafted by Kotobukiya, is the second Supergirl statue in the company's Bishoujo line, which features famous comic characters as envisioned by artist Shunya Yamashita. Admittedly, some of the statues in the Bishoujo collection can blur the line between "beautiful" and "creepy," but this Supergirl is certainly one of the more tasteful takes. She's striking a great hero pose, and the cape, skirt, and her hair are all sculpted in a way that gives the illusion of movement and drama even though the piece is completely static. It's not an easy thing to do with a statue, but it is an element of collectible-making where Kotobukiya has always found success.

I do wish this iteration was more inspired by the recent Supergirl, but there's not actually anything wrong with this iteration, inspired by the Superman/Batman comics from Jeph Loeb and Michael Tuner. Kara Zor-el can be yours this week for the price of $84.99 directly from Kotobukiya, but if you shop around you might find some slightly discounted deals from other retailers.