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Awesome Stuff We Want: Donnie Darko bunny slippers and Stephen Hawking figures

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Mar 22, 2018, 12:45 PM EDT

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Donnie Darko might not seem like a film that's ripe for merchandising, as its cult status doesn't exactly scream for attention from licensors. There have been costumes and hoodies that reflect some of the more iconic elements of the film, but, beyond that, there just haven't been many items with which Donnie Darko fans can celebrate their fandom. That doesn't mean some companies can't get a bit creative with turning a film about a teen with visions of a damning future that only he can prevent into marketable fare. Firebox has done just that, remixing the iconic bunny slipper by crafting a set based on Donnie's spiritual guide through his prophecies, Frank the Rabbit.

firebox donnie darko frank slippers

In the film, Frank is a terrifying creature whose allegiances aren't quite clear. He's menacing and foreboding, but also offers some guidance (however cryptic) to young Donnie on his 28-day quest to change his fate. As slippers, Frank's creepiness remains, but Firebox's slippers manage to still be somewhat adorable. How scary can bunny slippers really be? Honestly, the scariest thing about them is the $42 price tag. To be fair, there's a lot more design here than your standard fuzzy bunny slippers.

At least, that's the scariest thing about them now. There's no guarantee putting them on won't induce sleepwalking through your local golf course or finding out there's an Einstein-Rose Bridge above your bedroom.

playmates the simpsons stephen hawking figure

Last week, the world lost one of its most celebrated geniuses in the passing of Dr. Stephen Hawking. In addition to being one of the smartest people on the planet for the past 75 years, Hawking was also a bit of a scientific celebrity. With appearances on the likes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Big Bang Theory, and The Simpsons, Hawking was one of those rare minds whose talents and appreciation transcended the field of his study.

As memorable as his cameos were on just about every show he appeared on, it's The Simpsons where Hawking was allowed to show his comedic side more than once. With four full appearances over the show's 30+ seasons, the physicist parlayed his brilliance into hilarious cameos multiple generations of fans can easily recall. Hawking was such a big hit with his first appearance ("They Saved Lisa's Brain"), Playmates even released a figure commemorating him when it had The Simpsons toy license back in the early '00s.

The bad news is Playmates lost the license more than a decade ago, and the figures are relatively tough to find near or around their original retail price. The good news is plenty of people on secondary markets like eBay are more than happy to oblige anyone who has some expendable income. You can still track down a Stephen Hawking Simpsons figure — complete with helicopter and boxing glove attachments — for a reasonable price. He's much more affordable than some of the rarer items in Playmates' line, and that's not bad considering this is one of the only collectibles representing Hawking ever made.