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Credit: Sideshow Collectibles

Awesome Stuff We Want: Hulk out over this insane life-sized bust

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Apr 26, 2018, 3:00 PM EDT (Updated)

The Incredible Hulk may not get the love of the other main Avengers like Iron Man, Captain America, or Thor when it comes to the cinematic interpretations, but the green goliath is still one of the most awesome heroes in the Marvel Universe. Fortunately for the Hulk, his appeal and popularity transcend the silver screen, and there's no shortage of savage collectibles featuring his likeness on the market. However, none of those have been as mighty as the new legendary scale bust Sideshow Collectibles has just released.

Available now for just $980, the Incredible Hulk Life-size bust comes in at a staggering 26 inches tall and 21 inches wide. Considering the average person is about seven and a half heads-tall, and that the Hulk's actual head in this bust is approximately 13 inches, that puts Sideshow's version of the Hulk at just over 8 feet tall. That sounds about right.

Thankfully, this is just a bust of the big man, so you don't have to actually find room for an 8 foot-tall, gamma-irradiated super-human to fit in your living room.

marvel incredible hulk life size bust sideshow collectibles

Credit: Sideshow Collectibles

Still, you might have to do some convincing with your partner, as this Hulk isn't quite as handsome as the version offered by the MCU and the talented Mark Ruffalo. Sideshow's Hulk, while deftly sculpted with outrageous detail, is much more akin to a monster than a handsome brute. The large brow, the askew grimace showcasing giant teeth, and the overly veiny neckline offer a look at a much more grotesque interpretation of Bruce Banner's alter ego. That said, Hulk does look like he could use some Metamucil in his diet, so maybe this piece is better left in a room where you won't constantly have to wonder if the Hulk is going to clog up the drain.

If you're really putting together a house of all the awesome stuff we've been recommending lately, you certainly don't want to miss out on the chance to own your very own Ark of the Covenant prop replica. From Life Size Prop Shop comes this one-of-a-kind collectible that's sure to make every archaeologist in your family "oooh" and "ahhh" the moment they set eyes on its faux gilded glory.

ark of the covenant prop replica

Credit: lifesizeprops (eBay)

Built to the specifications of the original prop used in the classic film Raiders of the Lost Ark, this giant piece will bring new life to that stuffy den you've been talking about renovating for the past few years. Artifacts like this may belong in a museum, but they certainly will look better in your home. For $12,995 (or best offer), this lovely piece of (fake) history can be yours. The prop itself may not melt any faces, but the price sure will. Hey-oh!

But seriously, this is actually a cool bit of cinema history, even if this particular Ark was never on screen. If it was, you better believe you'd be paying a lot more than $13,000 for it.

Sadly, the way it's designed won't allow you to use it as a coffee table, but that doesn't mean it still can't be the center of every conversation you have in your home. The interior is quite spacious, so you can put all manner of cool things in there like a fun lighting system to give the illusion it's actually real. Knowing you, you'd probably just fill it with extra blankets for when company comes over. That's okay, though. It's still a cheaper option than an ottoman or curio at Pier 1.