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Awesome Stuff We Want: Incredible Deadpool and X-Force office decor

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May 17, 2018, 2:30 PM EDT

Have you ever just wanted to jam all kinds of pointy things into Deadpool to see just how well that healing factor really works? Then do we have some good news for you. Well, theoretically it’s good. It also depends on just how much money you have to do such a thing. There a multitude of factors to consider in just how you get to go about the stabby-stabby, too. You could go to film school, which costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, to learn the craft that could get you work on the next Deadpool movie. Then you also have to hope you can be a part of the make-up unit, the stunt team, or be the actor portraying the villain in said movie, which, you know, good luck with all of that.

If that’s not a commitment you’re ready to make, you could also go to school for creative writing — which, again, is few hundo-thousand invested — and work your way into an internship at Marvel Comics. From there, you’ll have the contacts you need to pitch that Deadpool magnum opus you’ve been working on since 1991, when the merc debuted in X-Force #98.

If that doesn’t sound like something you’re willing to do, you could just spend $175 on this Deadpool pencil cup from Gentle Giant.

gentle giant deadpool pencil cup xforce

Credit: Gentle Giant

Originally released back in 2012, two versions of this delightfully demented desk accessory were released by Gentle Giant. A classic red mask was the more readily available version with 1,050 pieces crafted, while the gray and black X-Force portrait was limited to just 600 pieces. The price difference on second-hand markets is negligible, with the red one coming in at a few cups of coffee cheaper. If you’re going to spend more than $5 on a pen holder, though, you might as well go all-in on the rarest one you can find that also lets you put those Sharpies right into Deadpool’s brain. Or what’s left of it anyway.

The pencil holder was meant as the first in a line of high-end Marvel desktop accessories, though to this point, the other additions to the line have mostly been bookends. A new Iron Man bust is coming, which has secret drawers to hold paper clips, but it lacks the personality and charisma of a battle-damaged Deadpool. That said, Iron Man probably won’t draw as many complaints from your officemates either.

While you’re decorating the office with all kinds of Deadpool paraphernalia, why limit yourself to practical accessorization? Nothing would show just how devoted you are to the School of ‘Pool more than a classy piece of art. A real Deadpool fan would question why it would be necessary to stop at just one piece of art, especially when you can have 45 all at once.

You’re probably wondering, SYFY WIRE, how is that possible? Easily when that installation is an uncut sheet of X-Force trading cards from Skybox’s 1992 Marvel Comics set.

impel skybox marvel xforce deadpool

Credit: eBay (zenspyder)

That’s right, this 9x5 grid of trading cards from one of the most beloved Marvel sets of all time gives you Deadpool and all the X-Force goodness you can handle in one convenient package. You’ve got Deadpool; you’ve got Cable; you’ve got Shatterstar; you’ve got the X-Force team card; and you’ve got Sunspot and… uh… Gideon? Ah yes, Gideon. That guy. It’s just too bad you won’t be able to show off the backs of the cards, which do indeed feature biographies and those power rankings that die-hard fans spent hours arguing about at the local comic shop when Impel was still in business. Unless you also buy a second uncut sheet of cards to display.

There’s no better time than the present — what with X-Force and Cable playing a major part in this weekend's Deadpool 2 — to spend $399.99 on such a fabulous piece of nostalgia. It certainly helps that the cards all feature art from the one and only Rob Liefeld, who was arguably never hotter than he was when working on this book. Well, maybe he’s just as hot now that Deadpool is a major motion picture star, and everyone loves The Rob again. It’s like the ‘90s never ended. But they did, and we’re all better for it. Except for Gideon.