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Awesome Stuff We Want: The original Star Wars toy vouchers are insanely valuable now

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Dec 20, 2018, 4:00 PM EST (Updated)

There is no shortage of Star Wars toys and paraphernalia these days; the franchise is an industry unto itself, with branded merchandise that spans from action figures to toiletries, and just about anything else you can imagine. But back when the first movie premiered in 1977, Lucasfilm and Fox had no idea how big of a hit it would be and what kind of demand it would create for Star Wars toys. They had to scramble to catch up, and so they issued vouchers that fans could redeem for toys when they were ready.

Up for grabs on eBay is one of those Star Wars Early Bird Certificate packages, which has remarkably never been opened. It's just an envelope from 1977 that promises a handful of the first Star Wars action figures to arrive in the middle of 1978 — and it is now way more valuable than any of those toys. All it will cost you is $12,950.

That’s right, for the price of a fairly recent used sedan, you can own an envelope promising toys to a kid from the ‘70s that was never redeemed. Did that child get those toys? Did their parents completely space out and lose this now-coveted item? Was this somehow one of the few certificates that didn’t sell, and yet somehow managed to remain unopened for all its life? If this was gifted to a kid, imagine the restraint it took to not open what was surely the greatest gift that holiday season. It was clearly more restraint than we showed in using a number of Star Wars references in this post.


Once upon a time, it was hard to dress well in clothing one would consider nerdy. T-shirts with logos and jackets with outrageous patches were the only way to really show your passion for traditionally geeky properties. These days, however, it’s an entirely new ball game. Being fashionably nerdy is entirely possible, and there are a number of designers and clothing manufacturers even crafting discreetly geeky wardrobes for fans that are just as acceptable at a convention as they are in an office.

Perhaps no single brand has tapped that vein so judiciously as Star Wars, and style icon Lando Calrissian is just the latest in a long line of characters from that galaxy far, far away to lend some inspiration to the world of fashion.

elhoffer lando wrap

Credit: Elhoffer Designs

If you were at all interested in Star Wars Battlefront II last year, you might recall lead actress Janina Gavankar wearing a very distinct dress during the game’s E3 presentation. Custom-crafted by Elhoffer Designs, that dress (the Galactic Commander) was later made available for fans. Elhoffer is no stranger to the Star Wars Universe, and has a lovely Lando-inspired top coming this summer. The Galactic Baron wrap top is based on Lando’s look on Cloud City in the Empire Strikes Back, and is a fantastic interpretation of the simple tunic as women’s wear.

There’s a lot to like about the top, from that wonderful pale blue color to the thick black collar that flows through the wrap itself. It’s all about those open flare sleeves though. Accenting them with the gold from the inside of Lando’s cape is the perfect choice, and the whole look comes together wonderfully with that addition. Considering it’s made to order, and that it’s more than just a casual top, the $120 price tag seems more than fair. It’s also a great top to go from work to the convention and back again without anyone knowing you sold them out to the Empire along the way.

think geek lando cape

Credit: Think Geek

Are you a bit more of a risk taker? Then perhaps the official Solo: A Star Wars Story Lando Calrissian replica cape is something that might interest you. Based on the dashing design worn by Donald Glover in the upcoming anthology film, this cape can help elevate your wardrobe from scruffy to scoundrel in no time for just $69.99. The lining, featuring scattered white dashes, is a bit more flexible than the golden hue from Lando’s other recognizable cape. That means you have more options to match it with when deciding what to wear on a Saturday night on the town.

The faux leather collar, which is popped quite perfectly, gives anyone wearing it an air of respectability otherwise unheard of for a smuggler. Capes have been on the comeback, and there’s no better time to hop on the trend than by following in the fashion footsteps of one of the most dashing leading men to ever fly the Millennium Falcon. You’ll look like you belong among the clouds. Trust us.