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Awesome Stuff Weekly: The Predator, Preacher, Party City looks to fill the Toys 'R' Us gap, and more

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Jun 28, 2018, 3:00 PM EDT

This week, we got our best look yet at the new Predator from the upcoming Shane Black-directed sequel/reboot; ThinkGeek reached back to our childhoods to resurrect The Last Unicorn; Mondo unveiled some unholy statues; and DC Collectibles revealed exclusive Justice League figures. There's a lot of awesome stuff to talk about, so let's jump right in.

neca toys the predator fugitive

Credit: NECA


Earlier in the week, a new red band trailer for The Predator dropped. After the lackluster response to the first footage, this was seemingly just what Black needed to drum up hype for the September film. It looks and sounds just like a modern take on the Yautja mythos should, and now we just have to hope the final product lives up to the action standard set by the original back in 1987.

Smartly, the trailer didn't show too much of the titular Predators, though there were certainly plenty of quickly cut flashes of both the evolved beast at the center of the film's plot, and the Fugitive Predator, who will no doubt have to face off against its bigger, badder brother in the climax. For a better glimpse at the Fugitive, we can turn to NECA Toys' first official reveal from the upcoming film. NECA's had the license to the Predator franchise for years and has done some absolutely phenomenal work with the alien hunters. The new helmet and armor look especially sharp, and including multiple forearms and hands is a first but a welcome one for the figure, which is due out in August.

dc collectibles justice league figures promo

Credit: DC Collectibles


This morning, DC Comics broke the first details of its upcoming DC Universe streaming platform. If you haven't heard about it yet, go catch up on the breakdown of new shows, classic shows, and what else is in store in SYFY WIRE's reveal right here. While the big hype was around all the original programming, including the Harley Quinn animated series, the return of Young Justice, and the first look at Brenton Thwaites' Robin from the live-action Titans series, the announcement also featured a little blurb about how DC Collectibles would fit into the new service.

Though the toy and statue arm of DC Comics will continue to provide its regular rotation of cool pieces for the masses, there is going to be a line of Justice League animated figures available exclusively to DC Universe subscribers. The original eight leads of the iconic animated show are all getting figures based on their designs from the fan-favorite series. Finally, we'll be able to get our hands on great figures for Wonder Woman, Flash, John Stewart, and Hawkgirl in that gorgeous Bruce Timm style — provided we've subscribed to DC Universe. No pricing details have been announced, but the figures are expected to be available starting this fall.

the last unicorn statue

Credit: ThinkGeek


The animated feature The Last Unicorn has a special place in the hearts of many 30-somethings, and it's not just nostalgia goggles that have put this film on a pedestal. It's hard to find a lot of faults with the Rankin/Bass film considering the cast consisted of Mia Farrow, Jeff Bridges, Alan Arkin, Angela Lansbury, Christopher Lee, and plenty more top-tier talents, elevating the originally solid story by Peter S. Beagle, who adapted the film from his own book. As fondly as many of us may remember that film and as many times as we may have rented the VHS from the local video store, there aren't exactly a lot of Last Unicorn collectibles on the market. That's where ThinkGeek and Chronicle Collectibles finally come to the rescue some 35 years later.

Available now for $50, the ThinkGeek-exclusive Last Unicorn statue captures the essence of the Rankin/Bass animation and conveys the character quite well. It's a rather no-frills piece, but the paint application is suitably simple and should make fans of the movie a bit giddy.

mondo preacher statues

Credit: Mondo


AMC's adaptation of Preacher is going strong into its third season, and given the success of the television series based on Garth Ennis' and Steve Dillon's Vertigo masterwork, it's not surprising to learn there are merchandise tie-ins aplenty. Already there have been action figures and shirts, Halloween masks and blankets, but now Mondo is turning its attention to the dark side of religion with two new statues.

Both Jesse Custer and his vampire friend Cassidy are getting high-end statues from the collectibles arm of Mondo, and both will also get "exclusive" editions that come with limited posters from artist Rory Kurtz. The prints themselves were the inspiration for the pieces, both of which feature the likenesses of Dominic Cooper and Joseph Gilgun. They're a bit pricier than your average collectible at $240 each (or $250 for the exclusives), but they'll also be standout works of art in your collection. Just be prepared to answer questions about why you have a statue of a preacher in your living room from people not in the know.


With Toys 'R' Us going out of business in the US, the country will be without a national toy store for the first time in decades. To fill that absence, Party City is planning on opening a series of seasonal toy stores dubbed Toy City later this year. The 50 locations haven't been disclosed yet, but Party City did announce these stores would open in conjunction with the company's other seasonal effort, Halloween City. Though pop-up stores like this aren't the answer to the toy community's future, they will hopefully ease the pain of trying to find gifts this holiday season (at least in the 50 locations that exist, anyway). Let's hope the supposed resurrection of KB Toys holds court a little stronger if and when that ever happens.

Nintendo Action Figures Death by Toys

Credit: Death by Toys


Finally this week, custom toymaker Death By Toys (aka Dan Polydoris) showed off a collection of original NES figures based on the classic games from some of Nintendo's most beloved franchises. By cobbling together several vintage Kenner Star Wars toys and GI Joes, DBT was able to render Mario, Mega Man, Samus, Link, and Simon Belmont figures for his own amusement. Sadly, unlike some of DBT's other efforts, these figures won't be for sale. They are nice to look at, though, especially if you ever wanted your own collection of NES characters straight from the '80s.