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Awesome Stuff Weekly: There's a sick new Darth Maul toy coming out

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Jul 26, 2018, 4:05 PM EDT

Did you survive San Diego Comic-Con? We barely did, but it was totally worth it. Check out all the amazing coverage SYFY WIRE produced. There's a lot of it, but we'll wait... 

Amazing, right? But even with one of the largest pop culture conventions just barely a week behind us, we still managed to uncover a whole bunch of interesting reveals and news to deliver. From Spider-Man to Hellboy, Star Wars to Mattel, it’s time to check out this week’s Awesome Stuff.

hot toys spider-man insomniac

Credit: Hot Toys

Spider-Man Is Hot

Straight out of SDCC comes the reveal of Hot Toys’ latest Spider-Man figure, the one starring in Insomniac’s new Spider-Man game for the PlayStation 4. Based on the “advanced suit” the webhead wears in the September-shipping game, this figure has a bold white spider and white accents throughout the costume instead of the more traditional black. The costume itself is still a divisive issue among Spider-fans, but it does set Insomniac’s version of Peter Parker apart from other variations. Along with a few sets of eyes, hands, and web effects, this Spider-Man also comes with a bunch of the new gadgets appearing in the game, like the spider-drone, trip mines, and a Spidey plush.

The figure is available for pre-order now for $251, and is expected sometime in Q3 2019. Be on the lookout for a Hot Toys version of Spider-Punk from the game coming soon, too.

dark horse direct hellboy 112 figure

Credit: Dark Horse

Hellboy Is Hotter

If you remember, a few weeks back, Dark Horse announced a new collectibles branch called Dark Horse Direct. While Game of Thrones and Umbrella Academy will be kicking things off for the merchandising effort, Dark Horse announced something truly hellish this past week. Coming in Q2 2019 will be a brand-new 1/12 scale Hellboy figure based on Mike Mignola’s style and designed by 1000toys. No pricing or pre-order details have been made available yet, but based on the prototype images, it’s clear this is going to be arguably the best Hellboy figure ever. Not only does it capture the sharpness of Mignola’s art, but it also comes with fabric clothing for added realism.

There’s also an alternate grimacing portrait, a set of elongated horns, a few different hands, and the legendary Excalibur. This thing is beautiful, and we can only hope a promise of what other great things Dark Horse Direct has in the works for its comic characters.

hot toys darth maul speeder

Credit: Hot Toys

Party On, Darths

Two new Star Wars Sith Lords are coming from Hot Toys in Q4 2019. First, there’s the long-anticipated Darth Maul from The Phantom Menace. He’ll have two versions available, with one being a basic figure with hands and saber accessories, and the other being one that comes with his speeder. Yes, you read that right. The deluxe edition comes with all the bells and whistles of the standard Darth Maul, including LED lightsabers and a scaled replica of that speeder that was in maybe two scenes. It too is detailed and lights up, though you will pay a premium price of $405 for the more significant edition.

darth vader hot toys 14 scale

Credit: Hot Toys

Not to be outdone, Darth Vader is also getting an incredibly detailed new figure from the Hong Kong company. Based on his appearance in Return of the Jedi, this Darth Vader comes with his signature red lightsaber, a removable breathing helmet (which reveals Anakin’s scarred face beneath it), a few different hands, a stand that replicates the floor of the Emperor’s throne room, and to top it all off, an alternate chopped-off hand.

It’s a gorgeous piece of action figure design, and what’s more, it is coming in quarter-scale. That means this Darth Vader will come in at just under 20 inches tall without the display stand. Sure it will cost $575, but isn’t that worth it?

Mattel Layoffs

Sadly, we aren’t ending on a good note this week. On Wednesday, Mattel announced that more than 20% of its workforce would be laid off due to profits dipping nearly 10% since the closing of Toys "R" Us. Though some brands within Mattel’s portfolio managed to put up decent growth in spite of the loss of the retail chain, items like American Girl Dolls dropped more than 30%, and others, like Fisher-Price, Thomas & Friends, and Monster High, dropped dramatically too.

It’s a great shame that the mismanagement of Toys "R" Us not only led to 30,000-plus jobs being cut due to the toy store chain shuttering, but that now we’re starting to see the ripple effects, with Mattel suffering the loss of more than 2,000 staffers. Some Mattel factories are expected to close or be sold off too. This is likely not the last domino to fall in the toy industry in response to Toys "R" Us closing, and we hope those affected can find new work soon.