Awesome alignment chart makes sense of those Futurama characters

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Dec 15, 2012

We love Futurama, and we love tabletop RPG-style moral alignments. Now we've found a glorious chart that brings the two together.

In the chaotic mass of hilarity that is Futurama, it's often hard to place the characters in terms of what they believe and how it affects the world, but some helpful geek has filled in the blanks here. It charts every major character's alignment, right down to good ol' Scruffy the Janitor (mmm-hmmm).

The alignments are backed up by actual quotes from the series that justify the organization of the thing, and it actually pretty much makes perfect sense, though it might be more fun to think of Professor Farnsworth as having no real alignment at all, but rather an overdeveloped sense of crazy.

Someone out there should expand this chart to include all the ancillary characters we love. Where does Morbo fit in, puny humans?

(Nerd Approved via /Film)

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