Awesome concept art from two abandoned Superman projects

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Dec 14, 2012

We recently showed you how the planned Tim Burton/Nicolas Cage Superman Lives movie would have looked if it had gone ahead. Today, we have some concept art from two MORE abandoned Superman projects—Bryan Singer's sequel to Superman Returns and J.J. Abrams' Superman Fly By.

Recently posted by Steven Johnson—the costume and special effects designer who also unveiled the Tim Burton-planned Superman costume art—these art concepts show us how two scrapped Superman projects could have looked had they been green-lit. It also reveals that Singer had planned to bring on one of the Man of Steel's deadliest enemies ever: Doomsday!

The Doomsday art looks rather cool, though not exactly spot-on—and it would have been interesting to see Singer's sequel, a sequel that (by the director's own admission) would have been far more actiony than its predecessor. On thing for certain is that the supervillain Doomsday would have been a much better adversary than the tiresome Lex Luthor (as played by Kevin Spacey channeling Gene Hackman). There was always the element of the maniacal buffoon in the movie version of Luthor, who never really came across as "scary" enough (no matter that he threatened the deaths of millions of people). Michael Rosenbaum's take on the character on the CW's Smallville is to date, by far the better one.

The second batch of concept art comes from a 2002 J.J. Abrams-scrapped project called Superman Fly By. It shows four rather interesting takes on the Superman costume that are, we think, far superior to the weird Burton one. Though they differ a bit from the classic Superman look from the comic books and the Christopher Reeve movies, which was also maintained by Bryan Singer in Superman Returns, there's an interesting, futuristic vibe going on with these ones.

So what do you think—would you have liked to see either of these two projects come to life? And which of the proposed Superman costumes would have worked for you?

(via Comic Book Movie and Collider)

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