Awesome geek parents built a Millennium Falcon for their baby boy

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Dec 17, 2012

If you grew up a Star Wars geek, you probably had some form of Han Solo's legendary ship around the house, either as a plastic model, a Micro Machine or just an image on your bedsheets. But we guarantee you didn't have one this cool. Thanks to his geektastic parents, this 9-month-old nerd in training has a Falcon he can ride in!

It all started when Lucas and Lesley Karpiuk bought their son Liam a big expensive supertoy, only to watch him have more fun with the box than the toy itself. It didn't take long for Mom and Dad to figure out they could do cooler things with the box than the toy store could ever offer, and they set out to make Liam his own Millennium Falcon.

"In no time at all I had formed the body of our Millennium Falcon out of cardboard using the exersaucer box and cutting some additional framework from extra boxes we had stored in the garage from our move back in October. I even had the perfect box to form a geekling-sized cockpit to sit in," Lesley writes at the family blog. "We used a lot of packing tape to piece it all together. Then all we had to do was wait for decent weather so I could papier-mâché the whole thing out on the driveway. I'm sure our neighbors thought we were crazy. Or cool, maybe? I'm leaning towards crazy, though."

After some silver paint and a little detail work, the Falcon was ready for its pilot. For photos, the Karpiuks decked Liam out in his own little Han Solo-style vest, and as an added bonus the family dog even got a little bit of Chewie flavor. The result: one of the most undeniably adorable geek things we've ever seen on this big ole' Internet.

(The Karpiuks via Nerd Approved)