Awesome geeks stage a drag race between the new and old Batmobiles

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Dec 16, 2012

You know you've been dreaming of this dynamic duel of superhero street machines—admit it. Now the contest has been staged in a blur of tire smoke and a whiff of high-octane fuel. In one lane, the futuristic 1989 Bat buggy. In the other, the vintage vroom of the black 1966 beauty. Holy hotrod, Batman!

The macho match comes courtesy of Machinima's new webseries Super Power Beat Down and host Marisha Ray. Both cars are carefully crafted replicas with different powerplants than what would have been under the hoods originally. Here, the sinister Michael Keaton Batmobile sports a normally carbureted Chevy smallblock putting out a mild 285 horsepower, and its old-school, Adam West opponent packs a C4 Corvette undercarriage paired with a fuel-injected V-8 delivering close to 325 ponies. Sweet!

Who will take the checkered flag? Place your bets, and may the best beast prevail.

Punch it!

(via Car Buzz)