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AwesomeCon panel discusses the pros and cons of the Star Wars multimedia empire

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Apr 19, 2018, 4:24 PM EDT (Updated)

Over the years, Star Wars has grown to encompass so much more than just movies. Books, comics, video games, you name it: the world of the Star Wars universe is big, and getting bigger all the time.

Sometimes an embarrassment of riches, especially when it comes to awesome genre content, isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's only when it feels like the movies might be relying a little too hard on the bonus content to fill in the gaps that it could turn into a problem.

That was exactly the subject of conversation at a panel from this year's AwesomeCon (essentially, DC's answer to comic conventions) that took time to examine the Star Wars Multimedia Empire and all the ways in which it can be a boon and a drawback for fans both new and old, as well as how the new Expanded Universe vs. old Legends canon differ from one another.

Hosts from the Beltway Banthas, Tosche Station and Book Wars Pod podcasts banded together for the panel discussion, giving a shoutout to SYFY FANGRRLS writer Swapna Krishna for her piece about Star Wars using the Expanded Universe as a storytelling crutch. You can listen to the episode in full via the Beltway Banthas website!

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