B5's Straczynski is gonna tell us what happens after Terminator: Salvation

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Jul 18, 2013, 12:34 PM EDT

While the Terminator movies are getting rebooted, the original story will carry on in comic form.

Don't get us wrong, we're excited for the new Terminator flicks, but part of us want more from what already exists rather than a relaunch. Thankfully, we're not alone, and both J. Michael Straczynski and the gang at Dark Horse want more from the Salvation story as well. The goal of the story is to detail what happens from the exact minute Skynet becomes self-aware in 1997.

According to Straczysnki:

The story that I've always wanted to see visualized, and that I think other fans of the movies have eagerly anticipated, is the battle that set all of the movies into motion - the assault on Skynet, the Terminators going through and what happens afterwards on both sides of the timeline.

So the events weave in and out of the tapestry of the Terminator, showing what we know or what we think we know, then turning the camera around to show us that what we thought we knew may not be exactly what happens. The only timeline in which you could set that story would be after Salvation.

Dark Horse (along with writer Zack Whedon) previously did a wonderful job of filling in some interesting blanks for the original Terminator movie, so we're definitely game to see what Straczynski brings to the story.

The story, titled Terminator: The Last Battle, will be illustrated by Pete Woods. An official launch date has not yet been announced.

(via Digital Spy)