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Jul 5, 2008

Genetic material is not a finite resource. It's not used up like printer ink or oil or raspberry jelly (note to self: need to go shopping). Watered liberally with nurture, nature can produce a lot of talent in one family. For example, my sister sings opera, and she's really good. Yet I can play trombone, showing that musical talent is not a non-renewable resource.

Writing is the same, y'know. My extraordinary abilities, generally eclipsing those of mere mortals, are not alone in the family font. I present to you my brother's blog, hosted at his site Plait Solutions. He does computer tech support in his town of Roswell (I know, I know, but this one is in Atlanta, not New Mexico; the only aliens there show up for Dragon*Con), and started a blog to help out his clients and give them some basic, useful information. He does have some solid advice there, as well as the odd ramble or two.

Sounds familiar. But then, what is the root of the word familiar?

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