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Jul 28, 2007

Update (3:00 Mountain time): Huzzah! The site is back up.

Folks-- The web host for this site, BlueVirtual, is making some changes over the weekend (changing datacenters for you tech geeks out there). The site is running abysmally slow, and I suspect this is the reason. Hopefully this will clear up in a few hours, but for now, be patient. Ironically, if you're reading this on Saturday morning, you probably already were patient to get this far! :-)

Since I'm on the topic, I am still working on the ads, cleaning out icky ones. For those of you getting the dread

Pirate Roberts "invalid regex string" error when posting comments, I am working on that as well, though hampered by the slow connection issue. I may yet get that one licked today.

In the meantime, why not read this fun Scientific American blog post about how we'll all be dead in 10-12 million years anyway? Get some perspective.

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