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Babies, and Hullen, and Killjoys, oh my!

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Aug 10, 2018

**Spoiler Warning: There are spoilers for Killjoys episode "What to Expect When You're Expecting an Alien Parasite" below! Either you’ve already seen the episode or you’re here to find out what happened. If neither of those things is true, go watch, come back, and enjoy this recap. I can wait.**

Killjoys had a baby! ::throws confetti:: This is great!

Okay, okay, I know that doesn't happen until the end of the episode, but my excitement couldn't be contained. Between this and Wynonna Earp last season, we've had some really interesting pregnancies and births.

I mean, how often do you need to stab someone in the brainstem so they can deliver an alien/human hybrid?

No wonder D'avin's over here doing everything he can to get Dutch to wake up without screaming "OH GOD, OH GOD, WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!"

Thanks for getting us up to speed, D'av!

That episode was... a lot.

Basically, we've saved Johnny from turning into a Hullen/Human pogo stick, got Dutch back, cleansed Kendry, birthed a baby, and figured out why the green pools all went solid.

Still unknown: Whether Aneela can stop the lady and just how we get her out of the green while keeping The Lady inside. Oh, and what the heck Khlyen's story has to do with any of this.

And yet, for everything we don't know, we learned something new and interesting.


Imagine waking up and trying to get up to speed after everything she's gone through. John's Hullen, D'avin's dealing with his own issues, and she's still trying to recover from her time in the Green. Not to mention her little conversations with The Lady. (You have to appreciate how many characters Hannah John-Kamen is up to now: Dutch, Aneela, The Lady as Aneela. A few more and she'll be a full set of Tatiana Maslanys.)

To top it all off, she's going to figure out how to save Aneela and stop the future The Lady showed her. 

How do we avoid Johnny killing everyone, including Dutch? Inquiring minds want to know.


If anyone deserves a spa day after all of this is over, it's D'avin Jaqobis. Granted, he has a new son, but that's a whole different set of questions. He has a newly healed (we hope?) brother, a new baby, a very rattled Dutch, plus who even knows how Kendry's going to fit into all of this. Plus he has to figure out how to get the band back together, as it were.

Easy peasy, right? 


Cold-hearted, emotionless John Jaqobis is officially my least favorite John Jaqobis. It's positively alien to see him without a light in his eyes. But the pain he feels, when he does feel it, is so bad that he's willing to snap his own neck to make it stop. 

One of these days, John Jaqobis is going to realize that, by trying to kill himself, he saved his own life. Not to mention Kendry's and his new nephew's. That's gonna be a real kick in the head.


"Is it out yet?"

I'm sorry. I know I'm supposed to hate her and I know she did awful things, but I can't! Which is really conflicting with my upset that she killed Pawter. On one hand, Mayko Nguyen makes Kendry someone you like despite yourself. On the other, Kendry stabbed Pawter Sims without so much as a blink. And yet, here I am watching her deal with giving birth and suppressing giggles.

But there's more than that. Who is she if she isn't Hullen? 

Random Thoughts and Tidbits

I've taken to calling Pip "Spider-Pip." I may need to write a theme song.

"Get off me. You sound like an asthmatic pervert."

Honorable mention: Rob Stewart as The Lady's version of Khlyen is goooooooooood.

I really think Pree and Kendry are going to be friends someday. Is that weird?

"Memories aren't just where you've been. They're who you are." That's going to come up again. I can feel it.

"I don't tell you how to shoot. Don't tell me how to science." I LOVE ZEPH SO MUCH.

Zeph was also right about spacing the Hullen dolls. Big mistake there, Turin. The Hullen are coming from inside the ship.

In theory, we now know how to both kill and heal a Hullen -- but how many Hullen do you think will sit still while someone stabs them in the back of the neck? 

Final Thought

What is it about the story Khlyen told Dutch? That story is the key to everything but we don't know how or why... yet.

How are both Johnny and Kendry going to deal with the fallout of their time as Hullen? They did some pretty terrible things. That's not something you process easily, right?

And what about the baby? If Aneela thought she was doing all of this for her father (who, it turns out, was The Lady deceiving her all along) and the pregnancy was born (no pun intended) of that research, then just what did Kendry give birth to?

We'll find out next week. See you then!

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