Babies, Bombs, & Backstabbing in Orphan Black's 'From Instinct to Rational Control'

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May 8, 2016, 7:52 PM EDT (Updated)

Spoilers to follow for Orphan Black Season 4, Episode 4 - "From Instinct to Rational Control"

First things first: miss last week's recap? Catch up right here! We get a bizarre juxtaposition in this week's opening as M.K. is doing some flossing and ... rigging explosives? Oh, this should be interesting. She's also hacking Dyad and creating a bizarro family tree of Neolutionists (oh yeeaaah, where IS Marion Bowles?), but she doesn't have anything concrete on Ferdinand yet. But apparently he's her main target as she looks longingly at a photo of herself and another LEDA clone and says, "Never forget."

We're at another safehouse as Sarah and Mrs. S bring in Ferdinand for a chat. He insists Susan Duncan is the answer to getting the maggot-bot out and he'll take the whereabouts of Rachel in exchange for having Sarah's source decode info he's got on a thumb drive. Oh right, he's got a big hard on for Rachel and "Only a fluffy frittata will she abide." Felix stops by for a family meeting and he and Sarah hash things out a bit. They all agree he has to keep new sister Adele clear of all this nonsense. BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY SHE IS GOING TO TURN OUT TO BE EVIL.

Alison ... dear Alison ... sent over Dr. Leekie's head to Cosima and Scott in a cooler bag to examine. And Cosima takes a moment to let out some steam: "Who's the science now, bitch?" Meanwhile, Alison is meeting with theater pal Sarah Stubbs to try and work toward getting her name back in good standing in the community. And they start singing Jesus Christ Superstar together. In public. After Sarah leaves for hot yoga, Neolutionist Trina shows up and spots her as Beth. She immediately starts chewing "Beth" out for going to Lifespring Fertility. "I told you I was a carrier in confidence," she says. Luckily Alison had the forethought to snap a photo of her on the sly. She calls and sends the picture to Sarah, who insists she pull her weight for once and do this bit of investigation herself. Felix says he'll go with her. Yesssss, they are the best team.

Sarah heads back to Dizzy, who tries to flirt with her, the scamp! He eventually lets her inside because M.K. is willing to speak with her, but of course she's not there, just on the computer again. She tells Sarah that if Beth knew about the maggot-bots, she didn't tell her. Sarah lets slip that Susan is still alive and mentions Rachel. They agree to meet in person; M.K. will trace the thumb drive and meet her at Beth's.

When Alison does something she does it 110 percent, and she's pulled info on the fertility clinic and made a solid plan of attack. Since they already know her face there as Beth, Donnie and Felix are the ones who have to pose as prospective parents. Julian Grey and Douglas Andrews, to be precise. She even made them fake IDs with their laminator! Donnie makes the poor decision of what he believes is "acting" gay. Felix is pissed. "You're mincing," he says before laying out for Donnie that he likely has many male friends who are gay and doesn't know it, so "Don't act gay!" They get through their first test fine but the second test -- sperm sample! -- not so much. Felix goes off to have a grand old time by himself while Donnie is left with a gay porno mag to help him out. He gives Alison a call, gives her a quick heads up that he saw their friend Portia Grossman (who was trying to get fertility treatments when they were but also had no luck), and then informs her he needs "Air Italia." OMG. I CAN'T. OMG.


Never forget.

Cut to Leekie's face being cut into and maggot-bot juice that looks remarkably like jizz. Bravo, Orphan Black, bravo. Cosima and Scott discuss it having a synthetic core and that it might not even be alive?? Rachel is busy looking at Charlotte's medical records. Susan confirms she's the youngest subject to have symptoms and also that the young clone doesn't know she's sick. Rachel suggests a immunosuppressant treatment but Susan is doubtful of its success.

M.K., still on the hunt for answers, is talking to "Niki's" picture and finally finds Ferdinand's info on the drive. Ferdinand, chatting with Mrs. S, says he intends to hide away with Rachel until they can come back into power. Sarah, realizing no one is at Beth's, gets a call from M.K. who grills her about Ferdinand. She realizes Sarah knew he was a cleaner from Topside and is insistent that you don't always need to work with people you don't like.

Alison follows Portia and "accidentally" runs into her on the way out of the fertility clinic, putting on a bunch of fake tears to get her to talk. "Did you and Jacob try something special?" she asks, "New tech?" As Portia denies doing anything different, Alison's tears are no longer fake. :( :( :( Regardless, it did the trick. Portia tells her to go back in, see Dr. Bosch, and ask for the "BrightBorn" treatments. Now we're getting somewhere. Felix and Donnie, still posing as Julian and Douglas, see Bosch who isn't quite sure he can trust these two. But they tell him they were told to ask for him specifically and name drop the "BrightBorn" treatments. It works.


Sarah heads back to Dizzy's place since M.K. didn't show and asks for help finding her. He's not too keen and presses her until she finally reveals they're clones. New member of clone club!! This calls for beer. She explains there are 22 that they know of, including M.K., and that just nine are still living. He's not quite sure he believes her but checks the DMV to look for M.K.'s plates anyway. They find their way to the junk yard where M.K. works as the night watchmen and Dizzy stops Sarah just in time from getting blown up. M.K. installed a pressure plate bomb before she left.

At the Hendrix house, Helena is coloring a collage of babies. When Donnie sits down for a chat she assumes it's because she's making a mess again but instead he gets serious and tells her about he and Alison's fertility problems. "She's jealous and angry because of babies and bringing police?" she asks. Well, yes, basically. But she takes the hint a little too well. While the Hendrixes are out she heads to the backyard to bury the "science babies." Apparently they're no longer viable specimens and she says she "didn't know I had to feed you liquid nitrogens." Crap. I really thought something was going to come of that (just like that Barbasol can in Jurassic Park). Well, she's got two babies inside of her and decides she must leave the Hendrixes. Where she goes next is anyone's guess.

Susan says Rachel's pigment is looking better (speaking of which, check out what this Clone Club member discovered!) [link to: https://twitter.com/KetoSavanna/status/726656297580503040] and the tech will be invisible soon. Rachel asks Charlotte how she's feeling, which makes her suspicious, but she also uses the opportunity to pass her another note. After she leaves the room Susan says she's willing to try the immunosuppressant treatment but suggests another course of action - doing nothing. Uhh. They've never had an untreated data set like Charlotte and it could help all the clones, including Ira. Let the disease advance or intervene? Rachel assumes this is a test, Susan says this is just the kind of decision we have to make every day.

In the Batcave, Scott is turning on and off the light by Leekie's sample. Bioluminescence! They presume the maggot-bot is introducing foreign DNA. A gene therapy delivery system? Is it actually changing the host's DNA??


Dizzy is trying to crack M.K.'s password at her place as Sarah snoops around and finds a laptop. As she finds a picture of M.K. and Niki, Dizzy tells her M.K. has been tracking Sarah. Like, all over. Meanwhile Ferdinand is still with Mrs. S who gets a text from "Sarah" to say Ferdinand should meet her at Beth's. Oh dear. Ferdinand gets there to find M.K. on video in her sheep mask. He finds this amusing until he sits down on the chair she's rigged with another pressure bomb. Muahahahahaha. She's there in person of course and starts a slideshow projection of Ferdinand's "This Is Your Life."

Sarah finds Helsinki clippings in M.K.'s belongings and at the same time M.K. is showing them to Ferdinand. "I always suspected one clone escaped the purge," he says, as M.K. reveals burns on her face. She wants revenge.  We also find out her name is actually Veera (find out more about her in the Orphan Black comics from IDW!). In a quick succession of events Sarah calls S who now realizes the text wasn't actually from Sarah, Sarah convinces Dizzy to let her use his car (he's in loooooove), and she gets a call from Cosima who says they've figured out the maggot-bots.

But we're still firing on all cylinders as M.K. shows Ferdinand a photo of Rachel and decides the best revenge is burning down Beth's house with him in it. Sarah arrives just before she sets the flame and tries to talk her out of it. She insists she's not as fragile as Beth was and pleads for Ferdinand's life, "He's garbage but he saved my life." M.K. knows Ferdinand is wealthy and pressures him into transferring over all $3.7 million to her.  Sarah, who's been through quite enough now thankyouverymuch, knows M.K. used her and is pissed, "you pulled me out of Iceland and now you're going to blow it all up!?" She tries to appeal to her sense of family, telling her their sisters still need her help but M.K. leaves. Mrs. S has to come save Ferdinand's ass (literally) and cuts a wire on the bomb before telling him she's going to leave the house before he stands up. It worked. He's fine. For now.

Rachel gets another visit from Susan. She found the secret message and Rachel decides the best course of action is to not treat Charlotte. The therapy won't save her and untreated she's more valuable than her life. Damn. But that's what we've come to expect from Rachel.  "You're right to think of the future," says Susan.

Cosima and Felix pop the BrightBorn DVD in and find Evie Cho,CEO/Founder and Leekie's pal, giving the hard sell. "Why stop with a healthy child?" she says, when you can have one that's stronger and healthier? New Captain America origin story, y/n?

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