BABlog colors and something to listen to

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Jan 10, 2007

There's some weird bug that's popped up here that is messing up the colors on the blog as you scroll down. I'll have to dig around and figure it out, but it may take me a while. I'm much better at creating bugs than fixing them.

In the meantime, it somehow slipped my mind to link to the December 20, 2006 episode of "Are We Alone"? from the SETI Institute (scroll down to find it on that page). In this episode, Seth, Molly, and I talk to Matthew Fenton, author of Exploring the Unexplained, a reasonably skeptical book about silliness like alien abductions, crop circles, and the Roswell UFO incident. Give it a listen while I figure out what I'll write about next from the AAS meeting!

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