BABloggee saves Hubble!

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Jun 11, 2008

Well, kinda. Yesterday I posted about the new Hubble release of the Coma cluster. In the comments, Powerdroid wrote that he noticed that a pair of galaxies appeared to be repeated in the image, like a cosmic echo. It looked like an imaging mistake to me, but to make sure, I contacted my old bud Zolt Levay, who puts together most if not all of the incredible Hubble images you have seen over the past 15+ years.

The Hubble Coma cluster image with the echoed object indicated.

He wrote me back and told me that this was indeed an error; a problem that occurred while cleaning up all the images that were put together to make the big mosaic. Hubble imaging expert Lisa Frattare fixed the problem, and put the cleaned images back on the Hubble site.

Never doubt the power of the blogosphere. We can even change the heavens themselves. My congrats to Powerdroid for keenly spotting the problem. That's very cool.

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