Baby Ultron rips off a garbage truck in new Marvel Super Hero Adventures clip

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Mar 26, 2021, 7:00 AM EDT (Updated)

A menacing, seven-foot-tall, silver android out to destroy humanity is a frightening vision, but that same maniacal machine shrunk down to a pint-sized version of itself is actually kinda cute.

Marvel Super Hero Adventures is a new animated series aimed at young kids that takes the familiar roster of colorful characters from the ranks of the Avengers and miniaturizes them into their much younger forms then sends them off into the world on some madcap missions. A puny pair of the first two shorts premieres today, Oct. 13, on Disney Channel’s Disney Junior and the Marvel HQ YouTube channel.

Check out baby Spider-Man and mini Iron Man as they chase down an undersized Ultron after he steals a Stark Industries garbage truck and goes on a trash-tossing joy ride, then tell us if you have any pre-schoolers (or adults) in the house who might enjoy these amusing cartoons.

(via io9)