Back to the Future almost had a very different title, and here's the memo to prove it

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Sep 2, 2016, 8:12 AM EDT (Updated)

The first Back to the Future film is one of the greatest in modern cinema history — but would it have still been a cultural icon if it were called Space Man From Pluto?

It’s an old story, but the memo sent from studio exec Sid Sheinberg to producer Steven Spielberg in regard to Back to the Future has surfaced. It seems the studio was really digging the script, but Sheinberg had one recommendation: Instead of Back to the Future, they needed to call it Space Man From Pluto. Yeah, doesn’t quite evoke the same charm, does it?

Sheinberg’s recommendation stemmed from Marty’s interactions with young George, and would’ve had Marty identity himself as a “Space Man From Pluto,” which would’ve eventually been the title of his hit novel in the future-present. He thought the new title was more attention-grabbing, as opposed to the seemingly boring BTTF.

So, how did Spielberg get out of it? He shot a memo back to Sheinberg thanking him for the hilarious joke, and told him they all got a good laugh out of his obviously fake and ridiculous title recommendation. Sheinberg was so embarrassed he never brought it up again. Fast-forward a year, and a masterpiece is born.


(Via Reddit, Secret Weapons)