Back In Time producer developing new Ghostbusters documentary Ghostheads

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Nov 10, 2015, 1:23 PM EST

If you’re finished geeking out over the Back to the Future documentary Back in Time, the producer of that film is hard at work putting together a fresh project about your other favorite 1980s sci-fi flick: Ghostbusters.

Called Ghostheads, the new documentary looks to be a mix of crowdsourced footage and traditional documentary-style filmmaking. Producer Lee Leshen (Back in Time) is working with director Brendan Mertens and producer Tommy Avallone (I Am Santa Claus) to create the film. The filmmakers are using IndieGoGo to raise $30,000, and they’re well on the way to making it happen.

Here’s the documentary’s official synopsis:

Simply put, “Ghostheads” are hardcore Ghostbusters Fans that take their love for the films' messaging about friendship, teamwork, and love for the common man, to their communities. The nickname was born in the mid 1980s from the huge growth of the Ghostbusters fan base around the world. In addition to their social awareness, Ghostheads are often involved with building their own Ghostbusters props, such as the iconic Proton Pack and restoring their Cadillac’s to look like the original ECTO-1s. Ghostheads form “Franchises” all around the country, and these Franchises/Groups provide an opportunity to socialize, as well as go to conventions together, and raise money for charity, whether it be for schools, the local community, children's hospitals, and more.

Check out a trailer for the project below: