Back to the Future Volkswagen Bus
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(Image courtesy of Velocity Motorcars)

Back to the Future-styled 1967 Volkswagen Bus lets you travel in time. Theoretically.

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Sep 3, 2019, 8:18 AM EDT (Updated)

If you’ve got an extra $90k lying around to spend on transportation and make-believe time travel, then we’ve got the deal of the century for you – any century really.

This, fellow travelers, is a stunningly restored 1967 Volkswagen Vanogan (aka VW Bus), replete with gull-wing doors and a “working Flux Capacitor and accurate recreation of Doc's time machine from the original film!”

Sorry, did you say, “working”?

Back to the Future Volkswagen Bus

(Image courtesy of Velocity Motorcars)


That’s according to Velocity Motorcars’ sales description for this gray-on-orange custom beauty. Granted, when we called the high-end and exotic car specialists in Nashville, Tennessee, co-owner Brian Wallin about that “working” Flux Capacitor, he says it lights up and whirs just like the real thing, but he does mention one caveat.

Back to the Future Volkswagen Bus

(Image courtesy of Velocity Motorcars)


“It’s not going to transport you into the future,” said Wallin, but, “When you flick it on, you do travel in time… theoretically!”

Heck yeah you do. Sign us up, who cares if you still technically need roads for said travelling, at least you’ll get to the theoretical future in retro style! Just look at that interior, retro-fitted with a big screen to watch BTTF on a time loop!

Bttf VW

(Image courtesy of Velocity Motorcars)

For more details and tons more photos, head on over to Velocity Motorcars. But if you’re interested in purchasing, you better move fast, because as soon as this baby hits 88 mph, she’s gone!

(via SlashFilm)

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