Bad ad maddens Bad Astronomer

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Feb 4, 2008

I've been getting email about a somewhat nasty - okay, really really nasty -- ad that got inserted in my feed. I'm aware of it, and have notified the authorities.

For those wondering what's going on, there are three basic ways to read this blog: come here directly to the site, get it through email, or use a feed reader. The first is obvious enough, so 'nuff said. To get the blog through email enter your address in the text field in the right sidebar that says "Read BABlog via email", and whenever I post a new entry you'll get it through email. The third method is to use a feed reader like BlogLines or Google Reader. If you don't know about feed aggregators, that's OK. Just go to those links and they'll tell you what's what.

Anyway, I use a service called FeedBlitz to send out the blog via email, and there are some ads inserted into the mail. There has never been a problem until yesterday, when a rather distasteful advertisement got in. I've looked into it, and it appears to have been a fluke. Something got past them for one email, is what it appears; I haven't noticed it repeated since. If it happens again, please let me know and I'll do what I can.

Ads are a necessary evil in many cases, but I try not to let them cross that particular line. :-) Sorry about that to anyone who saw it.

Update: I heard back from FeedBlitz... this was my fault! The last time I was approving ad categories, I accidentally unchecked "Adult". Oops. It's been fixed, and those shouldn't show up again. So, sorry again about this!

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