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Dec 19, 2006

It's been a long fight, a good fight, a fight to keep the invertebratistas down in the inky depths. And even though, at the bitter end, we could not keep them at bay, I am very grateful about the response I got from the BABloggees. It was amazing to see so many people jump right in -- and not just for me, but for all the science blogs nominated, all of which are excellent. I read most of the nominees every day.

At the risk of sounding maudlin, remember, we are talking about science blogs -- and as far as Pharyngula and I (not to mention Panda's Thumb and others, too) are concerned we are also both skepticism blogs, and anti-antiscience blogs. The world at large categorizes us as geek, dweebs, and sometimes (literally) heartless, and evil, and emotionless. Yet this campaign was run with humor and fun and zaniness. Science fans jumped right in to support whichever side they wanted, and it was amazing and fun to see how it played out.

And I could not have done it alone. If I had, I would only have had 7 votes.

So now, as promised, it's time to show The List, the long list of people who have supported me and Bad Astronomy by urging their friends to show a little backbone. All of the folks linked below wrote a blurb on their blogs, their sites, telephone booths, and bathroom stalls across the world to put the Bad Astronomy Blog where it is: the very very oh-so-nearly best science blog in the world for 2006.

Now listen up: some of these links are, to phrase it delicately, Not Safe For Work (NSFW). Those have been labeled appropriately. If you are a minor or at work, don't click them. If you are a grownup and/or at home, click them with abandon.

The List of Bad Astronomy Supporters

Again, thanks to everyone. Next year, I'll start my smear campaign earlier.

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