This bad lip reading of Twilight: Eclipse is the funniest thing you'll see today

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Apr 25, 2014, 2:02 PM EDT (Updated)

The Twilight Saga is good for exactly two things: Summit Entertainment making insane amounts of money, and mockery. Guess which of those we're about to talk about!

Truly, it is a rare franchise that is simultaneously reviled (even by the people making it) and yet profitable beyond the dreams of Scrooge McDuck. Twilight made almost three and a half BILLION dollars in ticket sales alone, which doesn't even touch DVDs and tie-in marketing. Surely that is enough money to fill several cartoon money bins for vampire and werewolf alike to swim around in. Peace in our times, and all it cost was the respectability of all cinema, forever.

But don't despair! Because that which we cannot control, we can always make fun of. And so, rather than leaping to my own doom, I present to you a bad lip-reading/brilliant redub of Twilight: Eclipse from the same folks who brought you all the other great Bad Lip Reading videos you've seen. Allow your tears of sadness to become tears of joy.

(via Uproxx)