Bad Moon Rising: Werewolf western 'High Moon' returns

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Mar 26, 2021, 1:00 PM EDT (Updated)

Is there any better day to talk about high-concept horror comics than Halloween? Nay, I say thee!

The Harvey Award-winning Old West supernatural series High Moon from writer David Gallaher and artist Steve Ellis is back in comic shops and bookstores with a brand new look and fresh new story. High Moon: Bullet Holes and Bite Marks Vol. 1, available now, features newly remastered art and brand-new lettering for the horror/western mashup, which originally saw the light of day under DC's Zuda Comics digital imprint. It follows the story of bounty hunter Matthew McGregor, a gunslinger with a dark secret -- namely, that he turns into a werewolf every full moon.

The new editions by Papercutz's Super Genius division are printed larger than the old Zuda print copies. These aren't just reprints. An unpublished story by Gallaher and Ellis will be included in Vol. 2 (out next year), followed by all-new material in Vol. 3 later in 2018.

If you dig horror comics, then you'll want to check out the five-page preview of High Moon: Bullet Holes and Bite Marks that SYFY WIRE has for you. Check it out and hit the comments to let us know what you think!