Bad news, CW fans! These 2 sci-fi series will probably be canceled

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Dec 16, 2013, 10:58 AM EST

With the fall season well underway, the experts are starting to predict which series will (and won’t) survive. Sadly, these two CW series are likely on the chopping block.

The ratings experts over at TV By The Numbers have been crunching the (ahem) numbers, and it sounds like two sci-fi series are not long for the world over at The CW. The likely victims? The Tomorrow People and Beauty and the Beast.

Of the two series, Tomorrow People has the "best" odds of renewal, at 20 percent. As schedule competition has stiffened, the freshman show has continued to bleed viewership — which is a shame. The show started off as fairly paint-by-numbers, but it’s hit its stride as of late and is becoming a fun little sci-fi romp. If it goes, it will be missed.

Believe it or not, things are looking even worse for Beauty and the Beast. The show is sitting at a 10 percent chance of renewal and is one of the worst-rated shows on the network. The CW is trying to corner the niche on sci-fi/romance series (i.e. Vampire Diaries), but this one has just failed to catch on.

Despite the long odds, there’s still an outside shot that at least one, or even both, of these shows could live on past this season. The CW has never pulled in mega-ratings, and if enough shows falter, there’s a chance one of these could get a reprieve just to fill a slot on the schedule.

As for the rest of the sci-fi lineup? Things are looking pretty rosy, with Arrow, Supernatural, The Originals and Vampire Diaries all heavy favorites to come back next season. These four remain some of the network’s biggest hits, and it’s extremely doubtful any of them won’t be around next year. 

Which of these shows do you hope will stick around for another season? Do you think Tomorrow People or Beauty and the Beast still has a chance?

(Via TV By the Numbers)