DuckTales Last Christmas

Bah humbug! Scrooge McDuck fights an inflatable Santa in DuckTales' holiday special preview

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Dec 1, 2018, 4:15 PM EST (Updated)

The holidays are coming to Duckburg, regardless of whether a certain denizen who enjoys swimming in gold coins wants ornaments, tinsel, or the image of Santa Claus anywhere near him.

Tomorrow's holiday extravaganza episode of the revamped DuckTales"Last Christmas!," is part of Disney and ABC’s “25 Days of Christmas” programming lineup, a celebration of festive episodes of Disney, Disney Junior, ABS, and Freeform shows through December. This is the ultimate nostalgia for those of us ‘90s kids who watched the original DuckTales on Disney Afternoon, as you can see in the new clip below (via io9).

Because Scrooge (obviously) bah-humbugs anything even remotely related to Christmas, "Last Christmas!" catapults him back through time to past Christmas parties. He really needs his own Ghost of Christmas Past after crumpling up a letter to Santa and getting into close combat with an inflatable Santa he just can’t defeat. You can’t say it doesn’t serve him right when he steps on one of the cryptid traps that are supposed to ward off another sugar plum fairy infestation.

Is this an echo of Mickey’s Christmas Carol? It would be kind of hilarious to see Scrooge confronted by the ghost of Jacob Marley… again.

You also can’t ignore that all this time-warping is going on with David Tennant’s voice behind the curmudgeony Scrooge. You can only guess at whether the Tenth Doctor playing Ebenezer Scrooge has anything to do with the sudden time-travel mania that should at least teach Scrooge that there is no point in beating up inanimate holiday objects.

Even the intro for this episode is decked out in Christmas lights and retro holiday music, not to mention something that could be the phantom version of Krampus stalking the younger ducks through the snow. Of course, that last line just had to magically turn into “Tales of Christmas past and Yuletide DuckTales.”

DuckTales' "Last Christmas!" will come down the chimney to Disney Channel December 1 at 7:30 a.m. EST, so put on your holiday pajamas and indulge in a huge mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows, stirred—of course—with a candy cane.

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