The band behind the Stranger Things soundtrack still can't believe the success

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May 17, 2017

The tune has become a legit piece of pop culture over the past year, and the guys behind the Stranger Things theme — and full soundtrack — are still dealing with the sudden and awkward transition into the spotlight.

Musicians Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon, members of the band SURVIVE, chatted with Vanity Fair about the success of the series and their contributions. From seeing Blink 182 cover their music to being approached by pretty much everyone to feature their tunes, the band has been on a roller coaster ever since Stranger Things became a bona fide smash. For a band that’s been pumping out tunes for just shy of a decade, a sudden wave of success like this can cause some growing pains.

Here’s an excerpt from Dixon’s comments about the Stranger Things fallout:

“I turned my phone back on and it just kind of exploded [after the series dropped]. Any kind of way that you could receive a message, I had gotten a message from somebody that either I didn’t know at all, or that I’d known in the past, or just friends … It was pretty wild there for a couple of months. It slowed down a bit, but we’re still on the second leg of a random little trip because of that show. We’re still getting all these random offers and traveling a lot more…

We’re in this weird kind of place because the show itself is so popular, and the music got a lot of attention for it as well. Some people know who we are, but most people don’t—so we’re like, on the periphery of this celebrity that surrounds the show. If you say that, 'oh, I did the thing for Stranger Things,' everybody lights up and it’s crazy. But we’re still kind of in the shadows. It’s a bizarre place to be.”

With Season 2 of Stranger Things already in the works, it stands to reason Stein and Dixon better get ready for another wave of publicity. Because a whole lot of folks are still digging their brand of ’80s synth rock.

(Via Vanity Fair)

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