Banned Books Week: 19 sci-fi and fantasy stories pulled from shelves

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Sep 25, 2014

Every year librarians, authors, booksellers and readers take time to remember the importance of intellectual freedom and the fight against censorship with Banned Books Week, and every year more books are, unfortunately, added to the long list of titles pulled from libraries and classrooms over complaints about their content. Whether they're targeted for violence, language, sexual content or a perceived threat to religion, books are still being banned everywhere, and sci-fi and fantasy novels are always among them. 

So, in honor of Banned Books Week, and in support of intellectual freedom, we've gathered more than a dozen sci-fi and fantasy tales that have at one point or another been banned, and even burned, by objecting parties. Some of them are popular children's stories, others are genre classics for adults, and others are worldwide publishing phenomena, but they've all been targeted at some point, often dozens of times. Check out the titles below, and remember that they're only the tip of the book-banning iceberg.

To find out more about Banned Books Week, and to see the long and ever-growing list of titles banned or challenged over the years, visit the American Library Association's Banned Books Week page.

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