Oscar nominee Barbara Hershey joins new season of The X-Files

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Aug 14, 2017

Oscar-nominated actress Barbara Hershey has officially joined the new season of The X-Files.

According to Deadline, Hershey will play Erika Price, a "powerful figure who represents a mysterious organization."

Hershey's role is said to be a recurring one for the upcoming 11th season, but just last week it was announced that of the 10-episode "event season," only two will be mythology episodes; the other eight are standalones. So by that math, it seems likely that Hershey will only be in two episodes, as the standalone or "monster of the week" episodes generally don't involve any recurring characters besides Mulder (David Duchovny), Scully (Gillian Anderson), and Skinner (Mitch Pileggi). Some monster-of-the-week episodes did have a scene or two that filled viewers in on what was going on with the mythology, but that doesn't seem likely for Season 11.

The X-Files ended its initial run in 2002, after nine seasons. The series came back with a six-episode "event series" in 2016, and will return for another season in 2018.

Hershey has had a long and varied career that included an Oscar nomination for The Portrait of a Lady. She has appeared in the Insidious franchise, Black Swan, and Falling Down, among many other roles.

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