Barbara meets Jerome in Gotham season 2 clip

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Sep 1, 2015

In the first season of Gotham, Barbara Kean (Erin Richards) went from Jim Gordon’s fiancee to troubled ex to traumatized killer of her parents. That’s quite a story arc. In the upcoming Season 2, we see Barbara in the next phase of her character development: Arkham Asylum inmate.

In the clip below, we see Barbara, who is wearing the world’s most stylish prison dress, as she sits aloof from the rest of Arkham’s population. But she isn’t alone for long. Not with Jerome — who is theoretically Batman’s most important nemesis, the Joker — at hand.

Jerome tries to put the fear of the other inmates into Barbara, but our girl isn’t having any of it. She takes control of the situation quickly and cleanly. In Season 1, an imprisoned Fish Mooney made allies; Barbara seems to have made a minion. (You'll see.)

Barbara was a much-maligned character in the first season: Fans found her weak and/or irritating and/or untrustworthy. When she is captured by a serial killer and has a breakdown that leads her to kill her parents, I personally thought it was a shame, because the character didn’t deserve this. 

But now I see her Season 1 character will spin into someone more confident and take-charge. This scene gives credence to the theory that Barbara Kean is Harley Quinn in the making

Check out the clip. And let us know in the comments what you think about the Barbara/Harley Quinn theory.

Via MTV.


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