That Barbarella movie's dead, so the sci-fi vixen is coming to TV

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Jun 25, 2015

Perhaps sensing the need for more sultry sci-fi on television, the people behind NBC's Hannibal TV series are developing a show based on the notoriously naughty French comic book that inspired Jane Fonda's cult classic.

Producer Martha de Laurentiis (the widow of Dino de Laurentiis, who produced Roger Vadim's 1968 version) is executive-producing this new TV adaptation along with with Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn, who will direct the pilot. It's being bankrolled by Gaumont International Television, who sprung for the development of Hannibal, also from the di Laurentiis camp.

Barbarella is famous, of course, for both providing the band Duran Duran with their name as well as giving audiences a look at Jane Fonda in the altogether. Robert Rodriguez was trying to get a remake off the ground for years, with Rose McGowan playing Barbarella—an intergalactic adventurer who found herself embroiled in sexual escapades all too often. For all its randiness, Barbarella was seen as a feminist hero; as Refn calls her, "one of the ultimate counter-culture characters."

It's early in the process, so there's no telling whether Barbarella will end up on a network that'll give license to some of the subject matter's more lascivious elements, nor is there any talk of casting. But if you're completely unfamiliar with Barbarella's particular lures, here's the somewhat NSFW opening credits of the 1968 flick.

You're welcome.

(Via Deadline)

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