Baron Daigon to the rescue in new 5-page preview for IDW's Micronauts #3

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Jun 24, 2016, 7:38 AM EDT

The Microverse is in peril from an Entropic Cloud that threatens to annihilate the realm of the Micronauts and the Ministry of Science and the Ministry of Defense are in violent conflict over how to save their dying world.   

In last month's Micronaut's #2, rogue space pirate Oziron (Oz) Rael and his strike team comprised of robot warrior Acroyear, Space Glider Phenolo-Phi, Orbital Defender Larissa and their massive Biotron machine freefall onto a planet set for biological weapons testing. Their covert mission to Valtricos Research Station has failed, and ebony-armored Baron Karza unleashes a swarm of second-generation Acroyear units to descend upon the settlement and steal the activated virus bomb. The Ministry of Science dispatches a heroic squad of Space Gliders to save the day, led by the galactic trooper, Baron Daigon, who seems to be old friends with Oz.

IDW's comic book resurrection of Mego's treasured Micronauts characters is a rollicking space opera odyssey perfect for geeks of all ages, with colorful outer-space action, rambunctious robots, evil lords, cosmic calamities and a fun, Flash Gordon flair that will be interesting to follow as Hasbro's Cinematic Universe unfolds.

Written by Cullen Bunn (The Sixth Gun), with breakdowns by David Baldeon and finishing art by Max Dunbar, Micronauts #3 picks up right where Micronauts #2 left off, with Oz and Baron Daigon being reintroduced before Daigon, the charismatic Ministry of Science commander, takes them all into custody.

IDW's Micronauts #3 emerges in comic shops on Wednesday, June 29.  Here's the official solicitation synopsis:

The universe is being torn apart and the MICRONAUTS are caught in the middle! They find themselves prisoners… er, guests… of the enigmatic FORCE COMMANDER, leader of the SPACE GLIDERS, who has a connection to Captain Oziron Rael — one that makes Rael a target for BARON KARZA and his ACROYEARS!

Check out our exclusive 5-page preview with variant covers in the gallery below and tell us if you've journeyed to the Microverse yet.