Baron Karza is back in this 1st peek at Micronauts' mighty return to comics

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Jan 20, 2016, 12:18 PM EST

Micronauts were some of my most treasured toys in the late '70s and early '80s and came off of a world-wide fever for space toys following the successes of Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica.  A mint-condition Baron Karza atop his noble nightmarish steed, Andromeda, sits in a hallowed corner on my desk, so it's with great excitement I declare that IDW has brought back Mego's Micronauts into the pages of comic-books in their upcoming spring series.  The galactic adventures of Biotron, Acroyear and Space Glider are chronicled in this new title written by Cullen Bunn (Uncanny X-Men, The Sixth Gun) with art by David Baldeón (Nova, Spider-Man: Web Warriors).

Micronauts began life as a Mego toy line in 1976 that consisted of numerous interchangeable action figures, sci-fi vehicles, magna-jointed villains and imaginative playsets existing in the Microverse.  Marvel adapted the Micronauts into a comic-book series in 1979, mostly written by Bill Mantlo with art by Michael Golden, that featured both new original characters and classic characters based on the toys. This title lasted until 1986, years after the popular toy line was discontinued in the wake of Mego's bankruptcy.  Brief, uninspired runs were resurrected by Image Comics and Devil's Due Publishing in the early 2000s.  IDW's massive relaunch comes at a perfect time with renewed interest in all things robots and outer space in fashion amid every medium imagined.

Here's the official Micronauts synopsis from IDW:

THEY CAME FROM A DYING UNIVERSE! ACROYEAR, SPACE GLIDER, BIOTRON and their allies are back, on the run from the evil BARON KARZA, and blasting through a universe where magic and science vie for control! With resources dwindling, the long-lost TIME TRAVELERS may hold the key to salvation… but will it mean armageddon for our world?

Check out this supernova of six spectacular covers for Micronauts #1 to whet your appetite for the resurgence of the Microverse.  Watch for Micronauts' premiere issue in April.  Now stop eyeballin' my beautiful Baron Karza!

(Via io9)